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About Operations Engineering Division (OED): OED is the central team that supports all Business Unit Design and Development teams, and other organizations including Sales, Marketing, Business Operations, Foundry Operations, and Test.  OED provides a platform for managing all process technology and PDK development for both Internal and External Foundry processes. This strong and highly qualified team (mostly MS/PhD) adds strength in developing Test Technology, Foundry Operations, and Yield management. Our world class contributions lead to aggressive NPI strategies and continual cost and gross margin improvement. 

The PDK team: Within OED, the PDK team works with internal and external foundries to develop and deploy high quality PDKs on both mature and advanced nodes. This global, dynamic and fast- paced team interfaces directly with foundries and EDA tool vendors, as well as internally through foundry tech teams, packaging teams and design and layout communities to provide highly integrated, state of the art PDKs and PDK flows/solutions. The PDK is a core and essential part of all our design flows from concept to tapeout for every project.  
The open position: The PDK team is looking for a CAD Engineer based out of the EU to enhance the team’s support for our  business units.  

Duties and Responsibilities: Evaluate, onboard, enhance, test, QA and release PDKs and PDK components to internal customers. The role requires very strong EDA skills in all aspects of Analog CAD, EDA Tools, PDK and flow development.  The new hire is expected to: 

  • Develop/Maintain, Test, Deploy, foundry PDKs, PDK components, PDK methodologies to various Business units, fulfilling their requirements. 
  • Collaborate with other CAD colleagues in defining, maintaining, testing and deploying PDKs and PDK components to internal customers.  
  • Support circuit design & layout community with PDKs, EDA Tools, design migrations, day-to-day support activities.   
  • Contribute to Pcell development as necessitated by CAD, Foundry Tech or Engineering Teams.  
  • Support, develop & maintain components & scripts required for internal PDK, CAD and for general design community use.  
  • Maintain skills to ensure competence to perform assigned responsibilities. 
  • Exercise creativity to innovate new processes and procedures to achieve established objectives. 
  • Contribute to assigned process definition, documentation, management, and continual improvement to align with key stakeholders’ needs and requirements. 
  • Align with manager’s goals and initiatives to meet agreed-upon KPIs. 


  • Deep understanding of PDKs (device libraries, techfiles, Analog Simulation, netlisting, spice models).   
  • Good knowledge of SKILL, SKILL-Pcells, CDFs, and callbacks.  
  • Knowledge of UNIX shell, Shell scripting & programming, Excellent grasp of one of Perl or Python.  
  • Master’s degree in electrical engineering or equivalent degree with 8 years of experience.  
  • Knowledge of simulation tools, ADE, ADE-XL, Maestro  Ocean scripting or equivalent tools. 

Additional Information

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Renesas Electronics is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer, committed to  supporting diversity and fostering a work environment free of discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, military status, veteran status, or any other basis protected by law. For more information, please read our Diversity & Inclusion Statement.

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